23 Sep 2013

What’s Nimble? Nimble is the Core Data wrapper I have been working on for one of my never-completed personal project.
If I had to describe Nimble with a very short description I would probably say: Core Data (and iCloud) made nimble and fast.


The answer is quite easy. I needed a Core Data wrapper with these features:

  • Easy setup and finders (anyone said MagicalRecord?)
  • Simple architecture with a main and a background context. A lot has been written about how much faster are 2 context rather than parent+children. Read here and here if you’re interested
  • iOS 7 and iCloud ready (but still compatible)


It has all the features I (and probably you) need from a Core Data wrapper.

Easy setup of the core data stack

[NimbleStore nb_setupStore:&error];
// OR
[NimbleStore nb_setup_iCloudStore:&error]

Easy savers for main and background thread

[NimbleStore nb_saveInBackground:^(NBContextType contextType) {
  Book *book = [Book nb_createInContextOfType:contextType]; = @"Best book ever";

And a lot of other shortcuts like creators:

[YourModelObject nb_createInContextOfType:NBMainContext initializingPropertiesWithDictionary:@{
    @"name" : @"Marco" ,
    @"surname" : @"Sero"

and finders + fetchers:

[NimbleStore nb_saveInBackground:^(NBContextType contextType) {
  Book *book = [Book nb_findFirstInContext:contextType]; = @"updated name";

NSFetchedResultsController *fetchedResultsController = [Book nb_fetchAllGroupedBy:@"author" withPredicate:nil sortedBy:@"name" ascending:YES delegate:self];

What’s next

Well, there’s a lot of stuff still to be done and it needs to be used in a real app with real world problems to spot big issues (performances and sync conflicts).
A todo list and the source code can be found on GitHub. Please feel free to have a look and post any issue you could find.