I made a Hacker News App

21 Jul 2015

So I made a HackerNews app. That means I joined the very crowded circle of iOS developers building their own HackerNews app “because all the existing ones suck” (there is some irony right there).

The app is finally live on the App Store and open source on GitHub.


I built the first prototype during the Easter weekend because I was excited to play with the just announced ComponentKit.

Then of all a sudden one of the best designers I know and that I had the pleasure to work with came on board to help me make an actual app.

The app has been a playground to learn ComponentKit and ReactiveCocoa (although I feel that I have just scratched the surface), and obviously an excuse to use Swift.
By open sourcing it, I hope to help other developers familiarize with these frameworks and at the same time being helped to solve some problems that I still haven’t been able to figure out by myself.

I decided to price it at $0.99 so that hopefully will pay out the $99 yearly Apple developer fee.

I’m planning to find some time to work a bit more on it on the side and hopefully release a major update adding user login, upvotes and submissions. But let’s see, I don’t like to make promises :)

Go get it while it’s hot!